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Markt Feucht

Apiculturists Museum

The house where the museum is located used to belong to the estate of the neighboring manor house “Pfinzingschloss”. The original building supposedly goes back to the 17th century and was probably a much smaller house than it is today. An exact construction date is unknown.

The respective holder of the manor house used the building as “Zinshäuslein”, as a tenement house. Christoph Gottlieb von Scheurl sold it in 1699 under the condition that the new holder had to replace the old house by a new one. Farmland was added and the property became a little farm, called “Gütlein”.

The impressive half-timbered façade was probably built around 1700. In 1808 the farm was granted the right to operate a distillery with two tanks. By 1834, two hop gardens, three fields and one meadow belonged to the farm. The estate persisted as a working farm until the end of the 19th century.

The house is now named “Hutzlerhaus”, after the Hutzler family, who bought it around 1922.
Later the administration of Feucht bought the house and turned it into the museum in 1984. The “Zeidlermuseum” documents the craft of apiculture that was so important in the history of Feucht. The place is one of the most impressive museums for apiculture in Germany. It owns a comprehensive collection of domestic and foreign equipment, including bee hives, smokers, honey extractors, cutters and wax press, among other things.

Two rooms on the first floor are used for exhibitions of different local artists. The annex for the library was built in 1985.

Opening hours:

  • Saturday 12:30 to 17:00 hours
  • Sunday 13:30 to 17.30 hours

Guided tours for groups are available at any time. Please call Telefonnummer: 09128 12184 for timely reservation