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Markt Feucht

Hermann Oberth Museum of Spaceflight

The museum is located at the former gatekeeper house of the Pfinzing manor. When the council advisor Dr. Christoph Gottlieb Scheurl of Defersdorf acquired the estate in 1682 it included a one story house for the gatekeeper, including living quarters, a draw well, a two story tenement house and agricultural structures, all surrounded by a masoned wall. After numerous different ownerships, the later honorary citizen and space flight pioneer Dr. Hermann Oberth bought the manor in 1943. During and right after World War II the estate served as asylum for emigrants from Eastern Europe.

In 1971 the second floor of the manor was turned into a museum, today known as Hermann Oberth Museum of Space Flight. After Feucht eventually bought the manor in 1988, extensive renovations were made and the hall was restored to its original form and size. The museum moved into the gatekeeper house. The museum is dedicated to the lifetime achievement of Professor Hermann Oberth (1894 – 1989).

His epoch making findings created the scientific basis of a new technology enabling space flight. An exhibition area of about 160 square meters shows everything that constitutes the fascination of space flight and rocket science, from the first rocket and satellites to the moon landing, from interplanetary spacecraft to international space station. Since 1989 Feucht provides these rooms for the museum named after its honorary citizen.  A memorial in the local oak grove “Eichenhain” is also dedicated to the “Father of Space Flight”. Professor Hermann Oberth rests at the new semitary in Feucht in a gravesite of honor.

The museum is open

  • Saturday 14:00 to 17:00 hours
  • Sunday 14:00 to 17:00 hours
  • or by appointment Telefonnummer: 09128 3502 , E-Mail , Homepage